Across 90 years of production, Stool 60's purity of aesthetics and solidity of construction have proven that it is built to last. In tribute to that strength, and to those nine decades of service, from 2023 Artek is offering a lifetime warranty on every Stool 60 purchased outside the U.S. or Canada for use in a private home.

Many Stool 60's have been in regular use for 50 years or more. That is also the minimum age of the Finnish birch trees that are used in their production. In recognition of this, Artek warrants that your new Stool 60 will be free from any defects in both material and workmanship for 50 years after the date of purchase.

In order to make a claim under this warranty, please contact your authorised Artek dealer, or alternatively contact Artek directly via

Your claim must include your proof of purchase from Artek or its authorised dealers, photographs of your Stool 60 and the production and brand stickers on the underside of its seat, as well as a short description and photograph of the defect.

For more information, please see our terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.